Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a tunnel that creates an absolutely secure connection between multiple devices. It allows its users to surf the internet in the most private manner, not having to worry about any restrictions or external tracking.


Hey CTFers, Boot2root Fans! Today, I’ll be doing “Game of Thrones CTF” from VulnHub.

This CTF Box is a challenge-game to measure your hacking skills. Set in Game of Thrones fantasy world. Your goal is booting the machine and getting the root with 11 flags.
Get the 7 kingdom flags and the 4 extra content flags (3 secret flags + final battle flag). There are 11 in total.

  • Start your conquer of the seven kingdoms.
  • You’ll need hacking skills, no Game of Thrones knowledge is required. But if you play, it may contains spoilers of the TV series.
  • Difficulty of…

Tahar Amine ELHOUARI🔥

Cyber Security Specialist — Penetration Tester — Red Teamer — Entrepreneur💯

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